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Charming Hill Farm is a privately owned family farm in Amissville, Virginia, nestled in the heart of our state’s wine and horse country.  In 2024, CHF moved from Brandy Station, VA to the new location to expand the operation and to give our visitors an improved farm experience.  Through the family-friendly experiences of our agritourism programs, we strive to educate the public about farming practices and the community development opportunities they provide.  We aim to inform the public about how important farms are to our community and how these farms are responsible for the food placed on our tables every day.


We love to teach children that eggs can eventually turn into chickens, milk is only possible because a new life has been brought into the world and how vital native grasses and trees are to the production of honey by our bees.  We are also very proud that our homestead brings revenue into other small businesses like family-owned restaurants, breweries and wineries.  We are always seeking ways to partner for more exposure and to enhance the experience of our visitors.  Our guests bring revenue into the community from Northern Virginia, Washington, Maryland and other states far across the country.

Everyone can feel at peace and a part of the community at Charming Hill Farm.  We are a farm for all with a welcoming heart.

Come cuddle a baby goat, take a ride on a magical unicorn named Oscar or stay longer and enjoy a farm tour and learn about all the animals we raise.  Not every home can have a farm, so make us your farm away from home and become part of the Charming Hill Farm family.

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