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Charming Hill Farm offers pasture raised, free range pigs for sale.  These pigs are raised on our farm under cruelty free conditions where they live their best life running our fields, drinking from our streams and playing with other pigs.  This is not the factory produced pork you buy at the grocery store!  Our pork is made from American Guinea Hogs which is a true American heritage breed.  It is considered to be a lard hog that takes longer to raise, but is often described as having a sweet and buttery flavor as well as being moist and tender (even when reheated).  This pork is worth the wait!


The cost and how it works: You pay us for the pig (generally $150-$200 depending on size) and we deliver it for free to the processor.  You then instruct our processor how you would like the pork produced and pay their fee seperately (processing fees are approximately $170 for whole pig (think pig roast) or $300 for processing and packaging (think supermarket cuts and packaging).  The actual cost is determined by weight.)  For more information or to place an order, please email us at


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